Steve Barnett


Steve Barnett with David Halstead comprise Business Epic and have been collaborating with Stuart Jordan in his businesses for over four years including the merger of Chemical Specialties Ltd’s Synthepol with PJ Hobbs Ltd  in H S Composites.

Steve’s background spans experience as industrial chemist, industrial engineer, construction and engineering business owner/developer and managing director, corporate manager, and university Management educator in Operations, Organisational Behaviour and Change, and Human Resources. 

His contribution to H S Composites is primarily though coaching business development through improved internal and external supply-chain collaboration in marketing, production, administration, and staff development. 

Coincidentally, Stuart Jordan was Steve’s first boss back when fresh out of university, Steve was an R & D Chemist and Stuart was the Technical Manager at Formica (NZ), just a short way along Hunua Rd from where H S Composites is today. 

Go well,