Stuart Jordan


Studied mechanical engineering then Chemistry at Auckland University. Joined Industry as  an R & D chemist in the mid 60’s, working on resins and surface coatings in the building industry. Shifted to engineering and plant design a few years after.
Then, in mid 70’s, shifted again to overseeing the formulation and manufacturing of well-known Industrial and Automotive chemicals, specialised lubricants, polyester compounds, adhesives, household chemicals, paints etc. At the same time managed manufacturing of Automotive and industrial filters (oil and air), gaskets and sheet-metal work for the same company in another plant.
Left in the early 80’s to set up Chemical Specialties Ltd and created the Turbo, Builders Bog and Synthepol brands and purchased Autochem and Newtech brands soon after.

Specialise now in polyester resins and polyester compounds (gelcoats, flow coats, putties etc).

Acquired P J Hobbs Ltd in 2020 to integrate with our Synthepol synthetic polyesters brand.